I Release Fear and Embrace Faith Affirmation Reflection

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Faith is the essence of things hoped for, but not yet seen. The funny thing about exercising Faith, is that when you exercise Faith and believe wholeheartedly in what it is you are hoping for, that object usually transforms from the realm of the unseen, to the realm of the seen.

Fear on the other hand keeps us stuck. Fear is “false evidence appearing real”. Most of the time, the thing that we fear never actually occurs, yet fear is one of the strongest emotions in the human experience and can literally be responsible for keeping us trapped in the same place for years…even decades.


However, when we move towards Faith and move away from fear, we begin to see that our lives change for the better and those fears that previously kept us trapped, were only illusions. Conquer the spirit of fear by using this affirmation daily to build confidence, strength, and courage and watch the possibilities in your life soar to new heights.