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“There are so many systems in place to help aspiring entrepreneurs who come from traditional backgrounds. The path for aspiring entrepreneurs with inner city backgrounds can sometimes  be carved to look a little bit different. Our principle aim is to support the unconventional entrepreneur by providing practical solutions towards helping them achieve their dreams.”
Ciandress Jackson, Founder

Who We Are

Be GREAT is a platform to educate and inspire inner city entrepreneurs and urban dwellers to builds things and start movements to make the world around them better. Acknowledging that the path for minority entrepreneurs and individuals from other underrepresented groups is sometimes riddled with obstacles that stem from poverty and lack of access to capital, knowledge, qualified mentorship and opportunity, we endeavor to create a vehicle for content, community, and commerce which educates, uplifts, and empowers.

Our Mission

We seek to eradicate income and opportunity inequality. We aim to increase the understanding, interpretation and deployment of  of technology related initiatives in minority communities. We endeavor to help aspiring entrepreneurs build real skills and employ practical knowledge towards fulfillment of goals, visions and dreams that set the world on fire. We are a community of dreamers, believers and achievers.

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