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Joe Smooth

App Founder

“ I had this dope idea for an app. But I had no idea where to even start. I took a beginner’s course in Swift Programming. It’s not 100%, but I’m getting close.”




“ I needed to develop a website for my business. I took Moe Ward’s course on developing websites with WordPress. Not only was I able to finally get my own website up after all these years. I discovered that I love building websites so much that I’ve actually began earning money building other people’s websites”.

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Art director

“I wanted to take my beat making and production game to the next level. I’ve always fooled around with the music thing, but I wanted to get serious and see if I could actually make something of it. I took the course on sync licensing and got familiar with the whole process. I’m so glad I did. I just got my first royalty check in the mail. Knowledge really is power. Do yourself a favor and free your mind, then you’ll free your body.”

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Samantha Simmons


“As a woman owned business, I found it fairly difficult to find the right type of mentorship and guidance required to start my non-profit. Lori’s non-profit 101 course gave me just the steps I needed, from preparing my articles of incorporation, to selecting my board members. I’m so thrilled that I came across Be GREAT. This website, the knowledge, the resources – and most of all the community have been essential in helping my non profit organization achieve great success”.